NC Women Business Owners Hall of Fame: Class of 2022 Inductees Press Release

RALEIGH, NC — October 21, 2022 — The North Carolina Women Business Owner’s Hall of Fame (NCWBOHOF) honored its 5th cohort of inductees on Thursday, October 20th, celebrating its newest class of Hall of Fame members and recognizing the 29 women who were recognized in previous years. The sold-out event was emceed by NC State Auditor and 2020 Hall of Fame Inductee, Beth Wood, with a keynote by Insightful Visionaries, Inc. Founder and 2020 Hall of Fame Inductee, Carolyn Marshall Covington.

The 2022 class included Monica Doss, Van Eure, Sepi Saidi, Joan Maxwell, Lorraine Johnson, Mary Diener, and Katie Gailes. More information about each inductee can be found on the organizations’ website:

The headlining sponsor of 2022 program was the NC IDEA Foundation, which supported as a gala sponsor through its ENGAGE Grant program. “Supporting the work of the NC Women Business Owners Hall of Fame aligns with NC IDEA’s commitment to equitable entrepreneurship,” said Thom Ruhe, President and CEO of NC IDEA. “The work that NCWBOHOF is doing to recognize and celebrate the legacies of these women helps bolster ecosystems, shines a light on an underinvested segment of our state’s business leaders, and preserves these stories of entrepreneurship to help inspire the next generation of startup founders.”

NCWBOHOF’s Founder and Board Chair, Wendy Coulter, said that the organization is about “acknowledging, celebrating and preserving the legacies” of women entrepreneurs. Coulter is also the Founder and CEO of Hummingbird Creative Group and the current Chair of the Cary Chamber of Commerce.

“I created the Hall of Fame to ensure an enduring record of the women that have come before me and those who come after as we continue to be a major force in leading and growing the economy of North Carolina,” said Coulter. “The women in the NCWBOHOF have made significant and enduring contributions to impact women’s entrepreneurial development in North Carolina.”

The annual gala took place at the Embassy in Cary, North Carolina.

“We’re excited about the continued growth and recognition we’re receiving for the Hall of Fame,” commented Board Vice-Chair and Founder of Supportedly, Stephanie Kissel. “I’m particularly looking forward to building on the incredible foundation Wendy has established. We’re discussing some exciting programming hosted by the Hall of Fame over the next few years.”

For more information about the NCWBOHOF and its mission of preserving and amplifying the legacies of women entrepreneurs in North Carolina, including video biographies of all the members of the Hall of Fame, visit

About the North Carolina Women Business Owners Hall of Fame:

The North Carolina Women Business Owners Hall of Fame (NCWBOHOF) is an independent 510(c)(3) nonprofit whose vision is to amplify and preserve the legacies North Carolina’s most successful female entrepreneurs and advocates who have made significant and enduring contributions to impact women’s entrepreneurial development in North Carolina.

About NC IDEA:

NC IDEA is an independent private, 501(c)(3) foundation whose vision is to help North Carolinians achieve their entrepreneurial ambition to start and grow high-potential companies. NC IDEA fosters sustainable economic development with competitive grants and programs for entrepreneurs and funding to strengthen the North Carolina entrepreneurial ecosystem. NC IDEA offers grant funding and support on the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

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